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Physician-Assisted Suicide


The Maryland Catholic Conference opposes physician-assisted suicide because it seeks to legalize the intentional taking of human life.

The deliberate taking of one's own life violates the most basic tenet of our belief in the sacredness of life, and the proposed means of legalizing the aid of doctors in this suicide, poses many dangers to vulnerable populations.


A truly caring community devotes more attention and support to members facing the most difficult times in their lives. When the sick, elderly, and vulnerable are tempted to see their lives as less valuable, they most need the love and assistance of others to assure them of their worth.

The Conference works to oppose policies that promote or encourage assisted suicide or euthanasia, and supports efforts to provide compassionate, ethical care to the elderly and ill.

Respect for life does not demand that we attempt to prolong life by using medical treatments that are ineffective or unduly burdensome. Nor does it mean we should deprive suffering patients of needed pain medications out of a misplaced or exaggerated fear that they might have the side effect of shortening life. Rather, it demands that we respect life as a gift by not actively seeking an artificial means to end it.

Resources for Good End-of-Life Care

Find resources, including advance care planning, palliative care information, and hospice care here

Joining Forces Against Assisted Suicide



The Maryland Catholic Conference has and continues to work on opposing policies that promote or encourage assisted suicide and partners with other concerned organizations under the Maryland Against Physician Assisted Suicide Coalition. Join the MAPAS Coalition today.