Social & Economic Justice

The social and economic justice work of the Maryland Catholic Conference cuts across all seven key themes of Catholic Social Teaching and promotes public policy that:

  • Recognizes that each person –especially the poor and marginalized – is precious and has inherent dignity; puts the needs of the poor and vulnerable first
  • Enhances the capacity of individuals to grow in community and participate in society
  • Affords all people the means to have their basic human needs met and recognizes society’s responsibility for securing those means
  • Respects the dignity of work and the rights of workers
  • Pursues justice and peace for all people
  • Protects all of God’s creation.


The Conference pursues public policies that afford all people fair access to health care, shelter, food, work, and basic necessities in a manner that is considerate of the environment, as well as policies that protect religious freedom, keep communities safe from violence, and treat immigrants and victims of human trafficking with compassion and respect. Specifically, the Conference's Social and Economic Justice work encompasses: