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Education, Children & Families

Our legislative priorities surrounding Education, Children and Families are extrinsically interwoven with the promotion of strong families, whether it be access to a quality education or promotion of systems of social justice that affect the daily stability of Maryland’s families. 

Quality education, specifically through access to diverse educational choice, is a key component to the Church’s position that parents should have the ability to act as first educators of their children. A quality education is the first line of defense against the cycle of poverty that often inhibits family stability. Certain aspects of our judicial and corrections systems can also often act as a barrier to maintaining strong families.

The Maryland Catholic Conference supports various criminal justice reform efforts in promotion of families and human dignity. We support efforts to bring about restorative justice, which requires viewing crime in terms of the people and relationships that were harmed, rather than the law that was broken. Restorative justice seeks to uphold the human dignity and promote the healing, accountability the hope of redemption for all involved.

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