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Speak up for Life in Maryland!

On Friday, March 13, there will be several bills heard in the House Health and Government Operations Committee concerning the protection of women and the unborn.

The Maryland Catholic Conference will be offering testimony in support of these bills and we encourage each of you to contact your Delegates and urge them to support these bills. 

Please take a moment right now and send your lawmakers a message. Click the button below to write to them today!

Below you will find a list of the bills that will be heard in committee on the 13th and a link to watch Friday’s hearing.

HB 53 – Public Health – Contraceptive Devices – Minors

HB 734 – Human Fetal Tissue – Prohibition

HB 793 – Public Health – Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act

HB 1162 – Health – Abortions – Reporting Requirements

HB 1179 – Public Health – Unborn Human Beings and Infants (Humane Disposition of Human Remains Act)

HB 1227 – Abortion – Ultrasound Requirement

HB 1321 – Health – Abortion – Ultrasound and Waiting Period


CLICK HERE to watch the hearing on Friday.


Thank you for speaking up in defense of life!

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Support BOOST and our Catholic Schools

This week, Maryland's Senate Budget & Taxation Committee will vote on the BOOST Scholarship program for the coming fiscal year. The House Appropriations Committee will vote on the issue very soon. 

Unfortunately, there are some legislators in the Maryland General Assembly who do not support BOOST and want to see its funding cut, if not eliminated entirely.  

The Committees will vote on whether to maintain the program, as well as the funding, which is proposed at $10 million for next school year.

We ask that you please take a few minutes right now to send a message to the legislators who serve on these committees, asking their support of BOOST and to provide the $10 million that BOOST families deserve.

Click the button below to take action right now!

BOOST students are thriving in school, the achievement gap is closing, and families who would not otherwise be able to afford to send their child to a Catholic or other nonpublic school are able to use BOOST to provide their children with the education that best fits their needs.

Sadly, we know that if funding for BOOST is cut, students who are thriving thanks to BOOST could lose their scholarships. So we are asking you to take the time to send a message to these legislators today and ask them to vote for $10 million for BOOST.

Thank you for being a voice for the thousands of BOOST recipients and for taking the time today to ask Maryland lawmakers to provide more funding to this vital program so even more families can take part.

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Take ACTION! Help us again defeat Physician-Assisted Suicide in Maryland

At noon tomorrow, Maryland's Senate Judicial Proceedings committee will hear testimony on Senate Bill 701, the "End of Life Options Act," which would legalize physician-assisted suicide. 

We need your help to make sure that this dangerous bill fails to pass for a fifth time!

Proponents of assisted suicide continue to claim that no one has ever been harmed by assisted suicide and that making physician-assisted suicide an “option” makes end-of-life care better. We know that is not true, and that in states where this dangerous practice is legal, overall suicide rates are on the rise, people are being denied insurance coverage for life-saving treatments in favor of cheaper, life-ending drugs, and that vulnerable people are put at grave risk.

Physician-assisted suicide has NO place in Maryland. Your legislators need to hear that message from you, their constituent. Please contact them today and ask them to OPPOSE this legislation.

Sadly, this is the fifth time in six years that out-of-state groups are pushing our Maryland General Assembly to legalize physician-assisted suicide.

Together, we were able to stop this bill every time it has been introduced in Maryland, and with your help, we WILL stop it again!

Please take a moment to click the button above and contact your legislators to urge them to vote NO on this bill.  

Tell your elected State Senator to OPPOSE assisted suicide and to protect the most vulnerable in our state.

To watch the hearing LIVE on Friday, CLICK HERE.

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Tell your legislators to SUPPORT the Time to Care Act Today!

Maryland families need your help! This week, the Maryland House and Senate will hear testimony on the Time to Care Act, a bill that provides Maryland workers with access to paid family leave when they need it. 

Families struggling to make ends meet are often just one major crisis away from bankruptcy. And for many, that means when they have or adopt a child, face a major illness, or need to care for a loved one that they cannot afford to take time off work. And those who do, frequently have to go without pay or even risk losing their jobs. 

The Time to Care Act (HB 839/SB 539) would enable individuals to take time off work when they need to care for a new or adopted child, a sick or aging family member, or a personal illness without fear of losing much-needed income. 

No one should be forced to choose between the job they need and family they love. Yet, 25% of women in America take only 10 or fewer days of maternity leave, and as many as 60% of low-income working fathers do not take any paternity leave. What’s more, 43.5 million Americans provide for elderly family members as an unpaid caregiver, most of them also working at the same time. The lack of access to paid family leave puts moms, dads, loved ones and children at risk physically and emotionally. 

We need you to reach out to your legislators and ask them to support the Time to Care Act and Maryland families. 

Please take a moment right now and send your lawmakers a message! Click the button below to write to them today!

Learn more about the Time to Care Act HERE.

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Help defeat Physician-Assisted Suicide in Maryland

Our fight to keep assisted suicide out of Maryland continues in 2020!

Despite being defeated in their efforts every year, proponents of physician-assisted suicide have again introduced their dangerous bill in 2020.

We need your help to ensure that this bill is defeated yet again.

The bill (HB 643 / SB 701) is the exact same deeply flawed legislation that our state lawmakers have rejected over and over again. It ignores the numerous valid concerns our coalition has raised with this bill, remains unethical, discriminatory and a danger to so many people in Maryland. HB 643 / SB 701 also rejects all the efforts Maryland legislators made in 2019 to make the legislation less dangerous — even though those changes still failed to protect vulnerable populations.

We know the out-of-state groups behind physician-assisted suicide are out of touch with the people and leaders of our state.

Last week, Maryland Matters reported that there is not enough support in the Senate for the bill to pass!

While that is a welcome sign for the future of this bill in 2020, it that does not mean our work is done.

We need you to reach out to the members of Maryland General Assembly who stood against this misguided policy last year and ask them to continue to stand strong.

Please take a moment right now and send the lawmakers who stood up against this bill a message! Click the button below to write to them today!

The well-funded out-of-state groups pushing this bill continue to pour their resources into Maryland, but together, we can ensure our state remains a place where people facing terminal illnesses get the care and actual compassion they deserve, not ill-conceived policies that threaten the welfare of Marylanders.

Thank you for being with us in this fight!

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Stand up for survivors of Human Trafficking


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