Tell your legislators to SUPPORT the Time to Care Act Today!

Maryland families need your help! This week, the Maryland House and Senate will hear testimony on the Time to Care Act, a bill that provides Maryland workers with access to paid family leave when they need it. 

Families struggling to make ends meet are often just one major crisis away from bankruptcy. And for many, that means when they have or adopt a child, face a major illness, or need to care for a loved one that they cannot afford to take time off work. And those who do, frequently have to go without pay or even risk losing their jobs. 

The Time to Care Act (HB 839/SB 539) would enable individuals to take time off work when they need to care for a new or adopted child, a sick or aging family member, or a personal illness without fear of losing much-needed income. 

No one should be forced to choose between the job they need and family they love. Yet, 25% of women in America take only 10 or fewer days of maternity leave, and as many as 60% of low-income working fathers do not take any paternity leave. What’s more, 43.5 million Americans provide for elderly family members as an unpaid caregiver, most of them also working at the same time. The lack of access to paid family leave puts moms, dads, loved ones and children at risk physically and emotionally. 

We need you to reach out to your legislators and ask them to support the Time to Care Act and Maryland families. 

Please take a moment right now and send your lawmakers a message! Click the button below to write to them today!

Learn more about the Time to Care Act HERE.