Social & Economic Justice

The policy interests of the Social and Economic Justice Department cut across all seven key themes of Catholic Social Teaching. The Department promotes public policy that:

  • Recognizes that each person –especially the poor and marginalized – is precious and has inherent dignity; puts the needs of the poor and vulnerable first
  • Enhances the capacity of individuals to grow in community and participate in society
  • Affords all people the means to have their basic human needs met and recognizes society’s responsibility for securing those means
  • Respects the dignity of work and the rights of workers
  • Pursues justice and peace for all people
  • Protects all of God’s creation.


The Department’s interests can generally be broken down into seven issue areas:

The Department pursues public policies that afford all people the things required to sustain life – health care, shelter, food, work, and basic necessities in a manner that is caring of the environment. The Department also pursues public policies that protect religious freedom — especially with regard to Catholic hospitals and health care professionals — and policies that keep communities safe and free from violence. Additionally, the Department pursues public policies that treat both immigrants and victims of human trafficking with compassion and respect.