Cardinal Shehan Choir to perform at Catholics in Annapolis

Photo credit: Illume Communications

The national sensation Cardinal Shehan Choir will perform at Catholics in Annapolis again this year. 

Their renowned performance at the 2018 Catholics in Annapolis included singing their famous rendition of Andra Day's hit "Rise Up" and Louis Armstrong's famous "What a Wonderful World." 

"If you missed the amazing Cardinal Shehan Choir at last year’s Catholic in Annapolis, here’s your chance. You won’t want to miss them," said Garrett J. O'Day, deputy director of the Conference. "These students represent the diversity and quality of education at our Catholic schools and we cannot wait to hear them sing again." 

To listen to the choir's performance at the 2018 Catholics in Annapolis CLICK HERE

In addition to the choir's performance, the Conference is excited to announce that the Light House Bistro Catering will again cater Catholics in Annapolis. Light House Bistro Catering is a social enterprise of the Light House Homeless Prevention Support Center in Annapolis, which provides shelter, employment and opportunities to individuals experiencing homelessness.

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