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Families in 21 of 24 Maryland counties depend on BOOST scholarships.
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Maryland's Catholic schools educate nearly 50,000 students annually, and have been providing high-quality education to students in our state for more than 200 years.  

Our Catholic schools are richly diverse, welcoming students from various ethnic, racial, economic and even religious backgrounds.


Approximately 39% of students who attend our Catholic Schools are people of color   More than 25% of children who attend Catholic school in Maryland are not Catholic   Several schools serve a population that is majority FARMs-eligible. (The federal Free and Reduced Meals program is for families that are generally considered low-income.) 

Education Legislation

Our Catholic and other nonpublic schools are very thankful to our state legislature for the assistance that they provide. The Conference actively works to defend the programs which provide assistance to our schools. Several state programs provide direct financial assistance to our schools through the Maryland State Budget. The Conference actively works to defend those programs and ensure funding each year. Together, these programs provide students and parents with $21 million in assistance

  The Nonpublic Textbook Program helps families save money on textbook and technology costs, with lower-income parents receiving significantly greater funding.


  The Senator James E. “Ed” DeGrange Nonpublic Aging Schools Program and The Nonpublic Schools Safety Improvements Program assist schools with aging infrastructure to fund improvements, and with school safety measures. Schools with older buildings and a significant low-income student enrollment receive higher funding amounts.


  The BOOST Scholarship Program (Broadening Options and Opportunities for Students Today Program) provides scholarships to lower-income students to enable them to choose Catholic schools as an educational option. BOOST has helped thousands of parents choose the educational option best fit for their child, a principle inherent to Catholic social teaching. Since it was enacted in 2016, BOOST has provided more than 12,000 scholarships to low-income Maryland families. Learn more about the BOOST Program HERE

Thanks to the advocacy of our Catholic and other nonpublic school parents, grandparents, teacher and other faithful supporters, our state has responded in support of Catholic school parents.  

Want to help ensure Catholic school remains an option for Maryland students?

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