Pregnancy Support

The Maryland Catholic Conference works to support and promote life-affirming policies that expand support for women experiencing unexpected or at-risk pregnancies.

In conjunction with the Church’s teaching on abortion, the Conference supports policies that promote or enable access to services that allow women to choose life for unplanned pregnancies.

Such services and resources typically include:

  • free pregnancy tests
  • ultrasounds
  • STI screening
  • accurate abortion information
  • parenting classes
  • material assistance.


Maryland’s many pro-life pregnancy centers work to provide these services at reduced or no cost to expectant women, yet they receive limited funding and experience persistent legislative challenges posed by abortion facilities that perceive them as a threat.

In addition to unplanned pregnancies, many physicians now espouse elective abortion on demand as a standard of care for at-risk pregnancies. Often, medical professionals are quick to recommend abortion as a “final solution” for “defective” in utero babies. The Church works to provide support to parents facing a difficult prenatal diagnosis, and the Maryland Catholic Conference works to promote policies that advocate for life-affirming medical and social options.