Physician Assisted Suicide Bill Defeated in Maryland Senate - Maryland Catholic Conference

Physician-Assisted Suicide Bill Defeated in Maryland Senate

In a 23-23 tie vote, the Maryland State Senate defeated on March 27th the bill to legalize physician-assisted suicide. Because of the many calls, emails, and other public opposition, physician-assisted suicide will not be legalized in Maryland this year.

"Among the bipartisan opposition were a majority of the members of the Legislative Black Caucus in the Senate and Senate President Mike Miller, and we applaud their courage to stand up to the out-of-state interests pushing this dangerous agenda” said Jennifer Briemann, Executive Director of the Maryland Catholic Conference. “Physician-assisted suicide is not a partisan issue and those who had concerns about the bill stood in strong opposition to its passage, “said Briemann.

Therese Hessler, Associate Director of Respect Life at the Maryland Catholic Conference, said, "We are thankful to all of those that worked towards preventing this bill from passing and grateful to all the legislators that stood in opposition. The legalization of physician assisted suicide would have jeopardized the life and safety of Maryland's most vulnerable citizens.”

“We are grateful to the thousands of Catholics from across the state who joined other groups such as doctors, psychiatrists, veterans and advocates for those with disabilities to express their opposition to legislators,” Briemann said.

This wouldn’t have been possible without all of the voices and prayers of Catholics across Maryland. The Maryland Catholic Conference thanks you for making a difference in the fight against physician-assisted suicide!