PAS expected to be discussed by Senate - Maryland Catholic Conference

PAS expected to be discussed by Senate THURSDAY

Just days after the Maryland House of Delegates narrowly voted 74 to 66 to advance legislation legalizing physician-assisted suicide, the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee is expected to meet as early as Thursday, March 14, to consider advancing its version of the bill, SB 311, to the Senate floor for a vote.

If passed, the bill would allow terminally ill patients to be prescribed a lethal dose of a controlled dangerous substance, which they would then pick-up at their local pharmacy and ingest without medical supervision to end their life. This bill, in addition to having no regard for the worth and dignity of every human life, establishes suicide as a societal norm, places large quantities of Schedule II prescription drugs into our communities with no measures in place for take-back or disposal, and leaves those suffering from mental illness, persons with developmental and intellectual disabilities, and our elderly at risk of coercion and undue influence by family members or caregivers.

Both chambers must agree on and pass the same version of the bill in order for it to be sent the Governor for a signature or veto, so there is still time to stop this dangerous bill from passing in Maryland!

Join the growing number of people speaking out against this bill by reaching out to your Senator and asking them to stand with those who oppose the so-called "End of Life Option Act."