Opponents of physician-assisted suicide pack hearing room - Maryland Catholic Conference

Opponents of physician-assisted suicide pack hearing room

Dozens of opponents of physician-assisted suicide (PAS) wearing black with green stickers declaring "NO assisted suicide" packed into the joint hearing room on Friday to demonstrate the strong and growing opposition to making assisted suicide an option in Maryland.

It was standing room only in the joint hearing room where together the House Health & Government Operations Committee and the Judiciary Committee listened to testimony for hours.

The hearing, which began at 1:30 p.m., continued until well into the evening as dozens of individuals and representatives of organizations across Maryland were heard both for and against the bill. 

"Looking around the hearing room today, it is clear that more and more Marylanders do not support this dangerous practice," said Therese Hessler, associate director with the Maryland Catholic Conference. "This demonstrates the truth we know: that when people learn about this dangerous bill and what it actually does, they do not support it passing in Maryland."

To join with those speaking out against the bill and tell your delegates to OPPOSE physician-assisted suicide, CLICK HERE.

Maryland's Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee is scheduled to hear the bill on Tuesday, February 19 at 12 noon. Those who wish to attend in opposition can email [email protected] and are reminded to wear black.