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Assisted Suicide Headed to Full Senate for a Vote

Despite strong opposition from across Maryland, the State Senate will consider the dangerous physician-assisted suicide bill next week.

After hours of deliberation and dozens of amendments adopted, the Senate Judicial Proceeding Committee voted 8-3 Friday in favor of advancing SB 311, the "End of Life Options Act," to the full Senate floor for a vote. 

The Senate committee heavily amended the bill in an effort to protect Marylanders from the poorly crafted bill, which put many people at risk, and to advance the bill through a committee where many members held strong reservations about the dangerous legislation.

Despite the changes, advocates against assisted suicide remained firm in their position that no amendments could fix the bill in a way to adequately protect those who it places at greatest risk: the disabled, veterans, the elderly, those with mental illness or a terminal prognosis.

The bill now moves to the full Senate for a vote and it is expected to be voted on next week  

Only 18 days remain in the 2019 legislative session.

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As the bill moves to a vote next week, be sure to look for more MCC updates on where your help is needed. Thank you to everyone who has answered the call to help in opposing this bill. Your calls and emails make a difference!