2020 Elections Resources for Parishes

To enable parishes to share our 2020 Candidate Survey Results with parishioners, we've compiled here for download a variety of resources

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Every Presidential election year, the Maryland Catholic Conference surveys the state’s candidates for U.S. Congress on their positions regarding issues of interest to Catholics.

The responses of the Democratic and Republican primary candidates and other important election information are compiled and shared with parishes in an effort to inform voters about where candidates stand on key issues ahead of the election.

In additon to the survey questions, all candidates were also given the opportunity to provide a brief statement at the end of the survey on why Maryland Catholics should vote for them.

The Maryland Catholic Conference does not endorse or oppose any candidate, under any circumstance, and no inference of endorsement or opposition should be concluded as a result of the information provided here.

However, it is critical that the Church exhort to the laity the importance of each person to be actively involved in exercising their duty as citizens by educating themselves about current public policy issues important to the Church, learning about candidates’ positions on these issues, and voting in the upcoming primary and general elections.

To make the most of these resources, we recommend that between now and the primary election your parish:

  • Shares the announcements reminding parishioners of the importance of voting in the primary election through your parish channels, whether that is Flocknote, parish-wide email blasts, and/or digital bulletins.
  • Adds to your parish website the website graphic with a hyperlink to the Maryland Catholic Conference’s elections page, where the full candidate responses are available.
  • Posts the weekly social media content with graphics on your parish social media accounts.
  • Includes a candidate survey response flyer for your parish's Congressional district in at least one your digital bulletins, emails or Flocknote messages to parishioners.
  • Uses the homily notes to share about the importance faithful citizenship in a Mass.
  • Shares the pulpit announcement about the election and the survey after an upcoming Mass or in a stand-alone video message to parishioners.


To find your parish's Congressional district, go to the the "Find Your Congressional District" section below. There you can find a link where you can easily find the Congressional district.

2020 Primary Election

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the State of Maryland will conduct the June primary as, primarily, a vote-by-mail election, with limited locations available to vote in person and to drop off ballots.

May 21 - June 2: Ballot drop off at select locations throughout the state

June 2: Primary Election Day. *Election-day voter registration will be available

For ballot drop-off locations and additional information CLICK HERE.

2020 General Election

October 22 - 29: Early voting

November 3: Election Day

Click the button below to find your Congressional district.

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Homily Notes




Prayers of the Faithful
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