Prayer in Time of Pandemic - Maryland Catholic Conference

pandemic prayer

Blessing in Time of Pandemic

Lord God, true Physician and Healer,
be merciful to us and grant us your aid in these troubled times.
Heal all our sickness and every affliction of your people,
especially those suffering from the pandemic that has spread so widely.
Drive out our infirmities of soul and body;
free us from all disease and especially from this scourge.
We place in your hands the elderly, the frail,
people with disability, children, young people and families,
those who are poor, lonely, and isolated.
Give them patience and hope.
We ask for your blessing on all those who care for the sick:
doctors, nurses, EMTs, first responders of any kind.
Shield them, guide them, strengthen them as
they administer treatments and care.
We implore your blessing on medical researchers and scientists
who are tirelessly working to find cures and treatments.
Reveal new ideas and accelerate their discoveries to fight this disease.
Finally, we ask that you bless our elected leaders as they enact policies and directives that are meant to protect us and keep us safe. 
May they respond to the challenges of this affliction with prudence and sound judgment.
May their planning alleviate economic burdens, compensate for losses, protect employment, and ensure ample food for the poor and isolated.
We place our trust in you, who lives and reigns forever and ever. Amen