Md. Bishops: Support Women, not Abortion Amendment

Md. Bishops Urge Support for Women, Not Unnecessary and Harmful Abortion Amendment

In a commentary published by the Baltimore Sun, the three (arch)bishops who lead the Catholic dioceses in Maryland urged support for women and their children, not an "unnecessary, symbolic" bill that would enshrine abortion in Maryland's Constitution.

Baltimore Archbishop William E. Lori, Washington Archbishop Wilton Cardinal Gregory, and Wilmington Bishop William Koenig wrote in part about HB 1171:

"Maryland is already one of the most abortion-permissive states in the nation. And even if the United States Supreme Court were to strike down the current federal standard for abortions, the laws in states like Maryland would remain in effect. From COVID to racist acts of violence to crime in our communities, our nation and our state have spoken with a united voice in calling for greater respect for human dignity and for human life. Yet, the legislature is wasting time and resources on an unnecessary, symbolic gesture to make it harder to protect life... shouldn’t investing resources into helping those women who feel they have no option but to choose abortion by providing them and their babies with those basic necessities that will allow them to live justly and with dignity?"

The bishops went on to call for the state to join the work the Catholic Church already does to support women and families through multiple ministries, noting, "As a state, we must find ways to overcome racial, economic, and emotional barriers that cause women to believe their only response to pregnancy is abortion."

Read the full op-ed here and join the effort against HB 1171 by signing our petition to lawmakers.