MCC Marches for Life - Maryland Catholic Conference

MCC Marches for Life


Maryland Catholic Conference staff joined with thousands of pro-life advocates from across the United States in Washington D.C. today for the March for Life.

“Life is at the heart of every issue we address as the Conference, so it’s only fitting that we be here today, in our nation’s capital, marching for life,” said Jennifer Briemann, executive director of the Conference.

The first March for Life was held in 1974 and drew an estimated 20,000 supporters. The March today is the world’s largest pro-life event and draws hundreds of thousands of people.

“There is an energy, an electricity on these streets,” said Therese M. Hessler, associate director of Respect for Life. “It is powerful to be here surrounded by thousands of others standing up for life and marching to the doors of our Supreme Court. We stand up for life every day in the work we do in Maryland. This is just a wonderful chance for us to stand with others.”

Maryland will hold its March for Life on March 4 in Annapolis. To learn more about the march CLICK HERE.