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Helping Hope Bloom

No mom should feel alone or uncertain when she finds out she is pregnant or needs help with her young child. You can make a difference. Learn about Helping Hope Bloom at Discover simple ways you can make a difference plus resources for moms (and dads) in need and their children, from prayer to housing, groceries, health care, diapers, clothing and supplies, and more. 

Pregnant? Help is Available

If you need assistance during your pregnancy, such as housing, health care, food or rent assistance, maternity and baby clothes, baby supplies, or parenting classes, help is available for you. Call 1-800-712-4357, text HELPLINE to 313131, or visit to find the nearest pregnancy resource center near you.

Healing After Abortion – Share with a Friend

If you or someone you love has experienced abortion and is feeling grief, shame, guilt, sadness, anxiety or depression, you are not alone. You deserve healing, freedom and to receive the love of God, the Father of mercies. For confidential, compassionate care and referrals to trained clergy, professional counselors, retreats, or other healing resources, contact Project Rachel:


Mass General Intercessions


  • May any mother facing an unexpected pregnancy be lovingly accompanied as she prepares to encounter Christ anew through the gift of her child.

  • May we follow Jesus’s example of humbly serving others at every stage and in every circumstance of life.

  • May we live out our baptismal call to proclaim the Gospel and be messengers of God’s love for every human life.

  • Inspired by the example of the Blessed Mother, may we, like Mary, have the courage to say “yes” to life in all circumstances, from conception to natural death.

  • May any mother facing an unexpected pregnancy be lovingly accompanied as she prepares to encounter Christ anew through the gift of her child.

  • For young mothers who are afraid or alone: That the blessed Virgin of Nazareth might strengthen them through her example and intercede for them with her prayers.

  • For all couples facing unexpected pregnancies: May the Lord give them peace, hope, and love for their child and each other through our support

  • For those suffering after abortion: may they find healing and peace through God’s limitless mercy

  • For families whose unborn child is not expected to live long; may they find strength and peace in the support of others. 

  • For all Christians: Through the eyes of faith, may we see and treat each other as masterpieces of God’s creation.

  • That all Catholics be channels of God’s mercy by loving each person and celebrating the gift of his or her life.

  • For medical professionals who work against human life: that by our love for them, they may find renewed reverence for God’s gift of life and treat all people with life-affirming respect. 

  • For civic leaders: That by their words and actions, they might work to preserve respect for the life of every human being.

  • For those who have suffered domestic violence that they may know they are not alone, they are loved, and that they encounter the healing and peace of the Lord Jesus.

  • May expectant fathers lovingly support the mothers of their children in welcoming new life.