COVID-19 resource hub from the Maryland Catholic Conference - Maryland Catholic Conference

COVID-19 resource hub from the Maryland Catholic Conference

The restrictions on outside activities were tightened in Maryland on March 31 as part of the state's effort to contain the spread of COVID-19. In response, the Maryland Catholic Conference has created a COVID-19 resource hub, with links for spiritual resources and online Masses, as well as government information and resources.

"With a changing situation and all but those performing essential activities staying at home, we wanted to create a place where Catholics in Maryland could connect more deeply with their faith and also access accurate and current government information," said Jenny Kraska, executive director for the Maryland Catholic Conference. "Our COVID-19 hub includes links to the three (arch)dioceses that serve Maryland, online Mass directories, places to give and receive assistance, Catholic health care and pregnancy assistance options, and government data from several state and county offices."

The resource hub also includes links to popular resources from national Catholic publishers and organizations that are offering free access to dozens of resources in English and Spanish to help parishioners during this stressful time. We will continue to update the page with new information as it becomes available.

Visit the COVID-19 hub HERE.