Registration open for Catholics in Annapolis - Maryland Catholic Conference

Registration now open for Catholics in Annapolis

Registration is now open for the Maryland Catholic Conference's annual event, Catholics in Annapolis, which will be held on February 21 starting at 3 p.m. 

Each year, the Maryland Catholic Conference welcomes hundreds of Catholics from across Maryland to the capital to meet face-to-face with legislators and share the Church's position on important issues. 

For the first time, this year's event will kick off with the prayer of the Rosary for our elected leaders, led by Maryland's bishops. Also new this year, inspiring speakers will address attendees to ignite passion for the issues. 

"Our goal is to bring the event back to the core of our faith with the Rosary and to light a fire in the hearts of those who come so they can go share that passion on these issues with their elected leaders," said Jennifer Briemann, executive director of the Conference. "We want each person to leave inspired and continue to be engaged on the issues." 

Among the key issues Catholics will be asked to advocate on this session are a proposed abortion rights constitutional amendment, securing scholarships for low-income students, stopping the legalization of assisted suicide, and protecting human rights.

"This summer, Maryland's House Speaker said he would propose an amendment that would enshrine the so-called right to an abortion in our state's Constitution. As it stands, Maryland already has some of the most permissive abortion laws in the nation and this effort would only waste critical state resources, diverting time and attention away from issues that our state needs to address," said Therese M. Hessler, associate director of Respect for Life. "This proposal threatens the value of Life in Maryland. If passed, it would make it virtually impossible to pass any future legislation that would sanction protection for our most vulnerable citizens: the unborn." 

The Conference is encouraging Catholics to join them in Annapolis on February 21 and stand up for life, justice and human rights. 

To reserve your spot today, visit or call 410-269-1155. A full agenda for the day and more info is available online.