Congratulations to Cardinal-elect Gregory - Maryland Catholic Conference

Congratulations to Cardinal-elect Gregory


Jenny Kraska, executive director of the Maryland Catholic Conference, spoke about the elevation of Washington’s Archbishop, Cardinal-designate Wilton D. Gregory, to the College of Cardinals. Cardinal-designate Gregory serves on the Board of Governors of the Conference:

“Today’s appointment of Cardinal-designate Gregory to the College of Cardinals is a great honor for him, the people he serves, and for all of us here in Maryland. Cardinal-designate Gregory is a pastor at heart whose gentle ministry is guided by his deep love for Christ. The universal Church will gain from his wisdom, kindness and faith as he takes on this new responsibility as a special advisor to the Holy Father and papal elector.

"As our state and nation continue to grapple with racial tension, the appointment of the first African-American Cardinal in history also has special significance. Throughout his ministry, Cardinal-designate Gregory has sought to address wrongs and bridge differences. Earlier this month, he participated in a virtual town hall on police reform in Maryland and in June, he and the other bishops of Maryland released a letter on racial justice.

"We offer him our prayers and support!"

(Photo credit: Catholic Standard)