Maryland BOOST Scholarship Coalition Releases Video - Maryland Catholic Conference


On Jan. 29, the Maryland BOOST Scholarship Coalition — of which Maryland Catholic Conference is a member — released a video sharing the stories of numerous BOOST scholarship recipient families, who, thanks to the program, have seen their children thrive in school. 

Since it was enacted in 2016, the Maryland BOOST Scholarship Program has empowered low-income families to choose the best educational option for their children. BOOST has made Maryland a pioneer in narrowing the achievement gap for low-income students and has proven to help those students academically. 

In the video, parents and students share how being a part of the BOOST Scholarship Program has enabled them to choose Catholic or other nonpublic education and how that has helped their children succeed in school. 

Watch the video below. 

The BOOST Scholarship Program is benefitting thousands of Maryland students, more than half of whom are people of color.

For the 2019-2020 school year, even more families than ever applied for a scholarship and 3,900 were certified as eligible to receive a scholarship.

However, more than 400 eligible students still remain on a waitlist to receive a scholarship.

Last year, the state legislature apportioned nearly $7.5 million for scholarships for the current school year, but demand was even greater. For the upcoming school year, Governor Larry Hogan has proposed to increase funding for BOOST to $10 million. The state budget, now in the hands of the General Assembly, must pass both chambers of the legislature by March 30.

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