URGENT - CONTACT YOUR SENATORS THIS MORNING! Tell them no amendments can fix assisted suicide

Maryland's Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee will be voting EARLY THIS AFTERNOON, March 22, on the bill to legalized physician-assisted suicide. Yesterday, it debated dozens of amendments and adopted many that attempt to protect Marylanders from the harmful provisions of this bill.

But no amendments can make this bad bill better!

Even this morning, several senators are undecided.

We need you to take action NOW and tell them to reject this bill, even with amendments! The Committee is expected to meet again TODAY and vote on this bill, possibly sending it forward to the full Senate. 


Please click the button below to send a message to all members of the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee and tell them there is no way to fix this bill.

Speak up! Tell Maryland's Senators to reject assisted suicide and SB 311!