Advocacy Day Briefing Room - Maryland Catholic Conference

Advocacy Day Briefing Room

Welcome to the Advocacy Day briefing room!

We have THREE alerts for Advocacy Day. BOOST scholarships that support low-income children in education, including scholarships for Catholic schools), making information on perinatal hospice easily available for parents facing a life-limiting diagnosis for their baby in utero, and the Time to Care Act, which creates an affordable insurance plan for paid family leave.  

Learn more about the issues and send your alerts from this page. Click the action buttons to send an action alert directly to your Maryland state delegate(s) and senator (enter your name and address and the alert automatically connects you to your legislators the way you'd like: email, tweet, or talking points and phone numbers to make a call). Thank you!

1. Support Full Funding for BOOST scholarships

Budget Bills: HB 588 and SB 491

Quick Facts | BOOST fact sheet 

  • BOOST scholarships provide economic justice by helping low-income families close the achievement gap through education options for their children at a Catholic or other non-public school.
  • BOOST scholarship recipients come from families with an average household income of under $36,000 and from 21 counties across Maryland. Most are from families of color. 
  • BOOST is underfunded, with the scholarship waitlist tripled this year. Ask legislators to vote for the $10 million in the State budget bill.


2. Support Perinatal Hospice Information

HB 1112 and SB 891

Quick Facts

  • Perinatal hospice gives families the gift of time with their baby, who has been given a life-limiting diagnosis in utero, helping them to process the diagnosis, welcome and say good-bye to their infant.
  • Medical professionals support this service, including the American College of Obstetricians, Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine and the American Academy of Pediatrics.
  • Families deserve access to this information and this bill would help make it easily available.


3. Support Time to Care Act

HB 375 and SB 211

Quick Facts | Time to Care Act Fact Sheet

  • Most struggling families are just one major caregiving crisis away from bankruptcy and are forced to choose between the jobs they need or the family they love.
  • As many as 25% of new moms take 10 days or less maternity leave, and as many as 60% of low-income new fathers don’t take a single day of paternity leave, putting both parents and child at risk physically and emotionally.
  • Only 17% of workers have access to paid family leave to care for a loved one, themselves, or a new child.
  • This bill creates an insurance program to help families with up to 12 weeks of paid leave for a new baby, serious illness, military deployment and care for aging parents.