Speaker Busch introduces Abortion Amendment - Maryland Catholic Conference

Speaker Busch introduces Abortion Amendment

Maryland House Speaker Michael Busch on Friday made good on his promise to introduce legislation that would put to the voters in 2020 a proposed amendment to Maryland's constitution that would enshrine the so-called "right" to an abortion.

However, as of late Friday, the bill (HB 1031) did not have any available language so it is unclear exactly what the bill would do or how far it would go. 

“The introduction of legislation establishing a woman’s “right” to abortion by way of a Maryland constitutional amendment on the 2020 ballot should be of great concern to both Maryland lawmakers and to all Marylanders," said Jennifer Briemann, executive director of the Maryland Catholic Conference. "The introduction of this proposal follows the national agenda of the pro-abortion lobby that is also playing out in New Mexico, The Commonwealth of Virginia, and New York, which recently passed a law allowing abortion up to the time of the child’s birth."

The Conference took a stand against the concept of the amendment in August and, with only 60 days remaining in the legislative session, the Conference will work tirelessly to keep abortion out of our state constitution. 

Stopping the bill in the general assembly is vital said Therese Hessler, associate director of Respect for Life for the Conference. If the bill passes and is affirmed by the voters, it would effectively prevent any future common-sense regulations on abortion or protections of life in Maryland, she said.

The Conference is asking all Catholics who want to speak up against this bill to join us on February 21 at Catholics in Annapolis. That evening you can meet face-to-face with your elected lawmakers and tell them the dangers of this bill and urge them to vote against it.