The Maryland General Assembly will hear ten pro-life bills this week, with most of the bills scheduled for a hearing in the House Health and Government Operations committee on Friday, March 13. 

The Maryland Catholic Conference testifies each year in support of legislation that seeks to promote life in our state, including unborn life, and will continue to be a voice for life in the 2020 session by testifying in support of the bills which uphold life and against those that seek to undermine life.

"We continue to support legislative efforts to create a culture of life in Maryland, including those that would limit or eliminate the practice of abortion in our state," said Jenny Kraska, executive director of the Maryland Catholic Conference. "As Pope Francis has said: 'All life has inestimable value' and that is why we, as a Church, will always be a voice for life in Maryland."

Among the bills scheduled for hearing this week are ones that would:

  • ban abortion in instances where the unborn child can feel pain
  • establish requirements for reporting abortion data to the Maryland Health Department 
  • regulate the disposal of aborted remains, including requiring humane disposal and preventing remains from being sold for research or other purposes
  • prohibit, in most instances, dismemberment abortions
  • require doctors and technicians to perform an ultrasound prior to obtaining informed consent from a patient for an abortion and demonstrate during that exam the presence of a heartbeat
  • prohibit doctors from inserting or implanting contraceptive devices in minors without parental consent
  • prohibit doctors who refer patients for abortions from having a financial relationship with the abortion provider
  • require abortion providers attempt to detect the presence of a heartbeat in the unborn baby before performing an abortion


To watch Friday's hearing live CLICK HERE. The feed will be live starting Friday at 1 p.m.

To speak up in support of these bills, be sure to join our Catholic Advocacy Network by visiting: and be on the lookout for an alert this week.