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Take ACTION! Help us again defeat Physician-Assisted Suicide in Maryland

At noon tomorrow, Maryland's Senate Judicial Proceedings committee will hear testimony on Senate Bill 701, the "End of Life Options Act," which would legalize physician-assisted suicide. 

We need your help to make sure that this dangerous bill fails to pass for a fifth time!

Proponents of assisted suicide continue to claim that no one has ever been harmed by assisted suicide and that making physician-assisted suicide an “option” makes end-of-life care better. We know that is not true, and that in states where this dangerous practice is legal, overall suicide rates are on the rise, people are being denied insurance coverage for life-saving treatments in favor of cheaper, life-ending drugs, and that vulnerable people are put at grave risk.

Physician-assisted suicide has NO place in Maryland. Your legislators need to hear that message from you, their constituent. Please contact them today and ask them to OPPOSE this legislation.

Sadly, this is the fifth time in six years that out-of-state groups are pushing our Maryland General Assembly to legalize physician-assisted suicide.

Together, we were able to stop this bill every time it has been introduced in Maryland, and with your help, we WILL stop it again!

Please take a moment to click the button above and contact your legislators to urge them to vote NO on this bill.  

Tell your elected State Senator to OPPOSE assisted suicide and to protect the most vulnerable in our state.

To watch the hearing LIVE on Friday, CLICK HERE.