2020 Census - Maryland Catholic Conference

You matter. Get counted!  

Every 10 years, everyone residing in the United States has a chance to be counted. The 2020 Census' impact on our communities and our nation is profound. Participation in the count:

The 2020 Census count will help to direct funding for programs and services that provide a benefit to all of us, as well as assistance to the most vulnerable among us. It also helps to provide each community a voice, so participation is power. Each person of faith can do his or her part in raising a voice for others by participating in the 2020 Census and by encouraging others to do so. 

Why does the Catholic Church care about the Census?

  • The count influences legislative representation at all levels of government, where decisions about the common good and the most vulnerable are often made
  • The Catholic Church relies on an accurate census to more effectively serve those in need
  • Undercounting households leads to underfunding critical programs and services
  • Our community benefits from everyone being counted, and we have one chance in a decade to get it right.


In Fiscal Year 2016, Maryland received more than $16 billion through federal programs that used 2010 census data.

To learn more, visit: census.maryland.gov. To get counted, visit 2020census.gov

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